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Sep. 10th, 2008


STOP! rant tiem

Argh... I really hate this. Being sick means... if I rest a lot, go to bed early and stuff like that what's supposed to help me get better faster, I don't have any time for homework. But, if I stay up late to do it and get hardly any sleep, the likelihood is that I'll be too sick to go to school anyway. I mean, is this like, no-win?!? Sigh... anyway, right now, I'm doing the strategy called "stay up all night and don't do the homework". Which isn't win either, but it's more fun. -__-

Malice Mizer Songlist (Open for requests)

*sexy Mana icon in celebration <3*
Is a cut a good idea, bitch?Collapse )

Sep. 9th, 2008


HART notrly...

*hart* this avi is me... (unfortunately, the transformation is taking too long! T_T)
*coughhack* Ou...
My deviantart name is waay too hard to type -__- But hey, I updated!
I wonder if anyone will notice that I changed my gender... and I'm now a "pornographic connosseur" (spWTF?)=D
HEY. If I had my choice of jobs, that would be a pretty goot one, yes..? *hartsmile*
I need to read moar pr0ns... I'm getting jaded and nonhorny... <-- a bad place to be for me. On the other hand, who can be horny when they're sick? Good point. -__- *coughhack*
If I don't die before tommorrow I will be seeing peeps *hart*

Aug. 28th, 2008



O hay gais =DD

I know, fail, rite? XO
But I'm bakc from the dead (hopefully)
Between Japanese and Comiccon I've just been washed out... and school starts in a week. Sigh. I'll be glad to see my friendsies again, tho~~ <33

Jul. 5th, 2008



Meow. I've just watched the Malice Mizer Illuminati PV, and pronounce it a MINDFUCK.
I mean, I knew it was going to be weird, but... ¬¬ It was pretty good,tho. A little more X chromosome than I would like. (And no, I'm not sexist! I just think boys beating and eating and screwing other boys is hotter!!) But it was nice how it was mostly obscure, so you could choose to believe it was either gender... (except for some cases... *cough*) And my knuckles are still bloody from the Bondage!Gackt X Mana bits... *sporfle and dies and needs some Mana/Gackt right now!!*

Um, so sorry I haven't posted in a while, if anyone's reading this... I've been busy with Japanese. Something amazing happened the other day: I LEARNED SOMETHING I DIDN'T ALREADY KNOW. Yeah, okay, not to sound like a know-it-all brat, but I can't understand when some people complain about x wa y desu. I mean, it's only the freakin' backbone of Japanese grammar! Sheesh!!
There are some nice peeps, tho. I may only be the second-youngest in the class... *thumbs up!*
Hope everybody's doing alright so far. Miss mah peeps... but glad of vacation.

Jun. 18th, 2008


WAI~!! >w< *waku waku*

Yey! I'm so happee. I got into the Japanese class at Mesa! The instructor is kind of cute, in a really bad accent way. It was so hilarious, 'cos I'm pretty much the youngest person in the class, but all the older people are so clueless and bad at kana! Oh, she was telling them, "You're gonna have to memorize 96 characters in the next couple of weeks and know them for all the tests," and I could see everyone's face like "WHAAA?!?! T--T" Wha-ha! *so glad I already know my kana~~<3* But then, it is kind of fail, because I learned to do mine w/o knowing the "proper stroke order", so mine are kind of *BWANK* But recognizeable. And I say, if I can't even write roman characters that neat, why should I be expected to write my kana neat? *excuses of the laazy...*
AND YES. I DO WRITE MY き LIKE A COMPUTER FONT. Is there a problem with that?!?! (I mean, it does make more sense. Cos if you were using a brush, you wouldn't lift it up all the way.) But I've figured out how it do it so it looks more normal. You write it like き, right, and then you erase the connecty line. ((I AM SO CLEVER SOCKS I AMAZE MYSELF)) But no, really, I have seen fonts that are extreme brushwork (think curly cursive), that you hardly lift the brush at all, and い and こ, especially, come out looking really weird. (I always wonder: how then do you tell こ and て apart? VERY CAREFULLY.)
But we didn't get to do much last night except go over the syllabus and practice kana. Maybe tonight I will learn something new~~!! *doki doki*

PS: Does anyone want any leftover anko? Like really, please? I have about 2 cups of it extra... aughh.... >> Mebbe I take it to Japanese class.... <<

Jun. 12th, 2008


running facefirst into brick wall... repeatedly.

Yeah. All that crap about "try, try again" is so false. If you try, try again you're just gonna end up with more pain and time lost. Maybe I just need to accept that I can't do it. Pulls out an old clip to illustrate.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
See, that guy is me. Can't do anything right, resorts to keysmash. I'm about at that stage. I've had a play and essays and crap like that to write but I just can't get it done. and it kills me 'cos it ain't my fault.
Okay, yeah. I'm lazy like crap on some of my stuff, I know that's my responsibility that I failed on. But in particular my play, which I've tried... 4 or 5 times, and unsatisfied. The one I'd planned on I decided was too long, too dramric, too cliche... or not enough. Anyway, I got tired of it 2 scenes in (I'd slated 5 or so). So I tried again... wrote up the whole thing, a whole 'nother thing, but after reading it a bit... naah. Wasn't that into it. Plus kelly said it was just like a short i'd written only not as good, and she liked the other one better. The one everyone said sounded gay. So I tried one more time, even kept the same characters 'cos I love their chemistry, but people said it was too confusing, the lines sounded contrived, they liked the other one better. So I ripped it up. Now where am I? Unless a bolt of lightning strikes inspiration my name is shit. Well, it already is. I suppose you could say this is my last chance to lessen the pain and disappointment. ....Whatever. I can't write, anyway. Coz it always strikes me as, well, I know I'm not normal, not like other people, so what if whatever I write isn't normal and understandable either? How do I know other people feel at all the same way as me? I can't write like normal people. Just can't. Because I have.. problems. And it strikes me as monstruosly unfair, like we're expected to have a good knowlegde database of "the world" by now, and how people act and feel, but since I'm disabled inside I actually don't know any of this, so I'm basically guessing. Do people even talk like that? Do people ever feel like that? How am I supposed to know? All I know is me. And the worst thing you can ever do is write a play about yourself. That's the epitome of lame. I mean, I know I could go up there and monologue ad lib something, and it would be pretty okay, I guess, but the words I type would sound false in any other mouth. They sound false even to me, even as I pluck them from my mind and pin them down on text. Words die once spoken, only echoes remain. Their graves are marked by trails of ink smears and what the hell see? I always get off like this. Whenever I write. It's like, I can't keep focussed or something. Whatever. But the point is, I couldn't ever put anything like that in a script. people just don't talk like that, see?
Damn. I was all happy today but I think I'm not anymore. I was uber-depressed last night cos of.... stuff. EPIC FAIL. *smashes head into brick wall.... repeatedly*

just a short post of win

And god, I love Lily.
No. I meant to say I can now construct Ecstacy and cocaine out of atoms~~ watch out. It's a full on drug lab next. *tee hee~*

I think I'm high. I'm not thinking straight. It comes of too much engrish.

Jun. 10th, 2008


Augh. Now we know...

Following today's events in Chem, now we know what Kent is doing while Sugi is off with Andy...
(I already told Niccola this, but-) Today, for some reason, Kent was in our Chem class (per5) while we signed yearbooks and lolled. Yeah, I admit I was thinking along the lines of a 3some, too- *ducks* - when suddenly, in the middle of the aisle (augh wrong word choice), I see Kent and J.wang EMBRACE. Like, not just a casual guy-hug, but a literal "clasping to each other's breasts" (AUGH wrong word choice AGAIN). So... yeah. I had the random thought of above, but it's kinda too horrible to squee about. Or even warrant fic of. O__o I mean, that would so be the AUGHest pairing ever. THEY HAVE THE SAME HAIR. And J-wang isn't cute, not really. I s'pose he does have a rather nice bod, tho, since he does run cross-country. But he's so idiotic... ((Can you imagine a sex scene with him? He'd be all like, "Where does this go? Are you sure? Wait, repeat that. I don't get it." AUTHOR'S NIGHTMARE))
Anyway, that concludes the bishi stalking report for today. PEACERS! (<-- augh i take that back by a million!! why did i say?!?! XO)
((I've been crashing into things all day and generally being a moobly-mouthed nuisance. Forgive me!))

Jun. 9th, 2008


Maybe if I did a REALLY GREAT weasel cosplay...

I've been stalking this one Japanese chick who draws pretty fanart's site, Lily. I've been seriously thinking about asking her to marry me. Honestly. She is full of amajing and crack and I really wish I understood Japanese better... Google translator is no help. This is what she says today, 6/9! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ITACHI!! (I don't even care but the art/ squee factor is so much)

Princess "So Otsuki are making such a birthday, want to see him painting a gentle"
He said, because it was so scary to TOKIMASHITA brother.
Congratulations weasel! I'm not painting celebrate!
Madara is poison to serve on someone that eating properly because I had been in the kitchen, but the threshold Bukkake躓いto weasel me touch on the three-hour逆鱗intemerate, or some such.


It's "That's when I was crying." Dialogues, he said, "I'm the older brother" was going on.
It仕向けたas your own, actually, he's been to have designs,
Doll is bent back even if it has no long afford, as it涙し, it was full.
Last week, I've been gravely Kiyoshi no need for words. I love weasel.
Anyway this week's terribly pretty weasel.
I paint a 80 percent reduction. What is that studmuffin. Can not express.
That's eyebrows and double the distance, people are likely to kill eyelash. Hatred is a jump芽生えたcheap paper.
This is no longer見納めa weasel? This week was so nice.

That's just this week has run out.
Weasel, peace-loving, someone's brother was a kind and wonderful KEDOMO brother,
I'm certainly looking KEDOMO,

He's gotta do it fundamentally鬼畜! !
What the division of power惨い…! Scary! Incontinence! What horror.
I give him more lightly, shivering Heroes!
"ぐっthousand!"幻術… Even the crows were not trauma.ぶち込ま可哀想.
That, spotted a "Uぐっ!" He said of sweating or not?
Weaselぶち込まthings take a hot air of the "Uぐっ!" Or of me.
Oh, not die for nothing changes weasel not to love.

Kagura's other brother, but that it is BUSHIII KYAKKYA to the KYUNKYUN. (Rubbish report)
Snow Woman, grandson of the night ×悶えdeath.
Yes, it switches, Oh Yeah! Scary.
OMG. Why is that bad engrish somehow made of win? T--T So adorable... but she's always professing her love for Itachi. So, I guess the only way I could get her... *see title*
((UWAH. I kept telling ppl this all day but they didn't care. WHATBITCH?!?!))
Isn't it great?! I can use my "news" tag for both legit news and NEWS. XD (Actually, it may have come from the automatic LJ guy... ;;--)

I think I shall upload my Kisame/Itachi "We bake a special cake to you" pic later if I feel up to it. It's goddamn adorable even tho not quite appropriate since he shouldn't have to bake a cake on his own birthday...

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